Into the Raven Mirror
CISPA, SOPA, and Such

I recently have seen, going around, an image on “this website has been shut down due to CISPA.”  The same sort of format used for the PIPA and SOPA

This is a manifestation of something I’ve mentioned before.

Not every onerous bill out there is PIPA/SOPA.

No, seriously. Repeat after me: CISPA will not censor or shut down the internet like SOPA would have, and there are some fundamental differences in the legislation and the reasons to oppose it are radically different.  The reasons to oppose SOPA/PIPA were due to its ability to shut down the internet.  It was being done in the name of protecting corporate interests.

CISPA is about consumer privacy. It’s being done in the name of “security.”  There are a myriad of good reasons to oppose it, hence why it is currently facing a veto threat based around exactly these reasons.  You can see if you congressional representative has voted for it.  Then, please, go make your voice heard and tell your senator not to support it.  Also take the time to try and understand the Cybersecurity Enhancement Act and make a decision on whether to support it. 

But effective advocacy requires an understanding of the bills being passed and what they would and would not do.  CISPA is not “the next SOPA,” it should be rejected on its own problems.